Friday, January 30, 2015

Not Eligible for Sick Leave

Ok, last time, I wrote how exhausted I was from last week's meet ups and now ripping the fruits of it. I am down with colds, coughs and fever that I had to notify my immediate superior last minute that I can't report to work. My first sick leave in 7 months.

It just proved that I am human and needs rest, right? Though I think I am not eligible for sick leave because of the many workload, still I have consumed one. Leads me to think that I might need to go to the doctor later since I should be healthy by the time I get home to take care of my child. Glad the company has a health care provider who takes care of this type of situation. What if we have none? Then I may be shedding something from the emergency fund. I think one of the factor we should always consider in looking for the next job is the offer of health benefits. It will save us a lot knowing the company takes care of this.

My attendance has been perfect for the last 6 months, basically, one of my resolutions for my personal development. As I grow older, I realize these things that is why one of these is to always adhere to the company rules. And it may not have good rewards or not being notice by management, my personal satisfaction is gratified.

For now, let me take this much needed rest. Hoping this fever will go away. Take care. Health is wealth. And with this weather, we have to take extra precautions. Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing so virus won't spread. Wash your hands regularly. Have a standby hand sanitizer. Eat more fruits and veggies. Drink plenty of water. Grab a sleep whenever you can so you can recharge. And never forget to pray for the strength and guidance.

And don't forget to smile. It's contagious. Brightens someone else gloomy day. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Decluttering: Where Those Items Should Go?

With my parent's house under construction for renovation, everything is a mess right now. Our things just scattered around the area and things needed are no where to be found. They are currently staying at my cousin's house occupying a single room. The renovation is a project for me so it's actually an awesome feeling knowing that it is now materializing.

As I examine those clutters, I know I contributed more to those. Keeping every single memorabilia before, telling myself that someday I am going to make a scrapbook out of it. Sadly, that someday never came. The memory and the feelings fade, so I can no longer remember the very exact details of those events anymore. And as time go by, the priorities change, so they remained in those closets that were never open until just a week ago.

Holding on to these things have kept them in our house for a longer time. And their functions  were actually never maximize. I should learn and practice the art of letting go.

If I am going to keep something today, I will have to make sure it is properly labeled.

BUT I will have to think more than twice, if it is really worth keeping. Else, just like those stuffs which collected dust over time and fades, easily cracked now, they maybe worth sharing with those who needed it the most or could be of use to somebody else. And will not procrastinate on starting and finishing the idea on my mind whether if it is for scrap book or memorabilia board.

De-cluttering daily will probably help so it will not pile up and consume space in our house. Examples are receipts, bills and even those bus tickets should have their own place. What will be the retention of those? Bus tickets can go to trash bin as soon as we're home. Bills, maybe, at least a year in an envelope. Receipts can be keep for at least a week or maybe right after re-checking can now go to bins. I will have to determine the retention of the other documents.

We have so many clothes by the way. They were given to us by my grandmother when we were kids. My mother keeps it. Maybe for the memories. But then, it gotten old fashion now and the color has changed. Some now fits my little niece and she is using those. When my child grows a little older, she can also use some of those if not yet worn out. Saves me. The rest are for the neighbors who are willing to take it and use it.

The glass wares which were wedding gifts to my parents were also kept. I think, that is actually a mistake. Because, now they are easily cracked and broken. So they ended up in trash bins and were never been of use. Our wedding gifts, husband and I decided to use it right away.

Our toys when we are children are still at home. Yes, they are very outdated now. So maybe, those less fortunate kids can go away with it. The stuffed toys, though, were washed for my child when she turns 3 or 4. Right now, those furs can only make her cough.

I love books. So I keep most of them. I will allot a little space for that. Someday, when my child learns to read, I will introduce more books to her. Right now, she just flipped pages and torn most of her children books.

My father started giving away most of the useful items. The rest belongs to waste bins or junk shops. At least, there is still little money from the junk shops for those broken electric fans parts, broken flat irons, old broken tv, and other non functional electronic devices.

Hopefully, when the renovated house is complete, we will have lesser things at home and a cleaner one.

Just sharing. :) Smile.

Monday, January 26, 2015

More Savings Tips Method

Last week was my birthday week, thus have been to left and right bonding with family and friends. Added to that, I didn't request for vacation leave. I lack sleep and on Friday, I was physically drain.

So why hadn't I requested for vacation leave when it's a privilege from the company. My first reason, I am saving my vacation leaves for more important dates in the coming months. Second, I have so many things in my list that needs to accomplish at work. Third, I need the  night differential. Hahaha. I know it is taxable but it may help to build our plan to open a UITF for BPI.

I have made mistakes before when it comes to money matter, so I am paying it now. And I just wanted to be consistent with our intention to achieve our dreams before anything else comes up.

Previously, I wrote about Paano pa ba kami nakakatipid? It is not easy making a routine for saving. Really. Because I am bad at it. Since, we have dreams of waking up in Santorini (bigger than us), we tried our best.

Frugal Living. Trying to control our expenses. And living real below our means by finding alternatives to our food choices. Such as veggies instead of instant meals. Tipid na healthy pa. By cooking at home and opting not to dine out. By preferring to walk instead of riding a jeep. Exercise na, nakatipid pa sa fare. Watching movies at home instead in the cinema. Stitching broken clothes. Yes, so instead of throwing it away, basta kaya pang tahiin, tinatahi ko talaga. Repairing broken shoes. Aha, nilalagyan ko talaga ng adhesives para magdikit ang swelas.

Take advantage of those freebies. Literally. Last Christmas holiday, there were companies who gave freebies such a body lotions, cleanser, soaps as a sign of loyalty to their products. So why not use them instead? It will buy you some time before buying it for yourself when it ran out. Saves you something for a few months right? This is also true for the gifts you received. It may not be the brand you used, but could save you. If they don't work for you, then maybe you can sell or re-gift it. At least, it won't accumulate dust in your house  and saves you space. And they are of good use to someone else.

 Keep at least 10% savings from my paycheck. Only my 2nd year to do this. It is automatically deducted from my salary. So, I won't be able to touch this amount until I get resign from my present company. I made it this way so I will not be tempted to take it. We actually have the option not to. We track it by the copy they gave us semi annual including the interest it earned. Bigger than saving it in the bank. Because, aminin ko na, it's very difficult for me to save talaga. At least, when we opted for MF, VUL and auto save-up, we just add top-ups and forget about it entirely.

Sidelines or other forms of income. Traditional business of rice is currently generating a small amount of income but at least this already provides us food. The ride on business is generating good income which we direct to our time deposits each month. By next month, the plan is for it to go directly to our UITF. You read it right, what we earn from this businesses are not for consumption for the meantime, they are for our future goals. So the paycheck as an employee is what we stretch for everything.

The overtime pay and the holiday pays, well I actually do not do these but my husband does. Yes, so once he saw his pay slip, he automatically transfer the money to his save up. He told me, it gives him a sense of gratification, fulfillment and joy seeing his savings is growing.

And just like I often mentioned, this is working for us so far and may be different to yours. Bottom line is, find a method that works for you. Different strokes for different folks, right?

Just sharing. Happy Monday! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Today Is My Birthday!

Yey, happy 34th birthday to me. 11:30 AM, Thursday of January 22, the very same day as today is my natal day. First born to my parents. Yes. 34 years on earth. Same month, Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines, year 1981 as what my mother told me. There are only bits and pieces of my early childhood and can no longer distinguish if those actually happened or just dreams, but, I am thankful for those who took time to take care of me while my parents had to work for us. I know my little girl right now, may not remember how my heart aches and how I tried to stopped those tears from falling whenever I had to leave her for a 5-day work, but I know someday, when she too, become a mother, she will know how it feels.

So, what exactly have I learned in the past 34 years of my life? Have I grown wiser in my decision skills? Have I found my purpose in life? Have I contributed something in this world? And so on... And I can not answer yet most of those questions popping up my head. All I know is that, I am grateful for the 34 years of existence. The exprience, the journey, the feelings, towards motherhood is something I can't ever exchange with anything else. It is the most wonderful feeling especially when I first held my very own child in my arms. And she is teaching me a lot. Wondering how this little girl teaches me?

That love is unconditional. I pour her my love. May not be enough but I try my best. When I go home, she give me a tight hug and those precious smile reaching her eyes are love. That altough time is very limited, it is a quality time spend with her. (No social media/internet) That there is her trust in me define in her innocent eyes whenever she ask for help on anything. (She's an explorer now) That there is a future we look forward together. I will always be forever grateful to God for giving us her. She is our bundle of joy. And my husband often tells me that 'lahat ng pagod talagang nawawala kapag kasama siya'.

Last year was a blast. I personally learned that I can be better with my finances and the couple finances. That I can control my expenses. That I can influence my husband as well. I dipped my toes to those I feared before such as MF. I took financial challenges I dreaded before such as insurances. I tried to save as much as I can.

That there are friends who will bid goodbyes eventually no matter how much I tried to make them stay. I don't have those wednesday dates or thursdays like the movie of POpoy and Basha.  And so I learned that some people really stays in my life for a certain unknown reasons even if I don't try much.

That at this point in my life, I need to work even on my birthday because I made bad decisions in the past that is preventing me to spare a day in my life not to work. I have to for our future. We have goals to achieve.

That I can always give even though I thought I can't. Because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing. It is a mindsetting. Like, having a ready biscuits in my bag everytime, so when someone asks for food, I have it handy. I remember the first time it actually hit me. I was on a jeep, and there was this young boy asking for food. No one from the passenger actually give, including me. My mind was set for all these types of youngster begging as a syndicate driven activities. But as the jeep speeds off, I felt the guilt pang. He was not asking for money, he was asking for food. Maybe, he had not eaten for the day. I was not sure. And starting that day, I told myself, I will pray for His wisdom to know the difference and for me to change my mindsetting about it.

That wrinkles are inevitable. Hahaha. It just shows the progress of my life. The path that I walked on. And that someday, I know I am not a beauty, but physical appearance fades and what remains is what we really are.

That I am grateful to everyone who are part of my life and those in one way or another unintentionally hurt me or hurt them. I have so many people in my life to be thankful to. And I pray that He continues to bless them.

And most of all I thank God for everything. His delay answers to my prayers for it thought me how to be patient. For letting me experience how to be buried in debts, so I can be a better steward of His blessings. For giving me pains when friends go away so I'll know that I have Him no matter what. For having me work on my birthday so I know that each day is a decision affecting the future me and us as a whole. For letting me experience to have nothing at some point to exactly know the feeling of having nothing so I can learn to give. For showing me outside is only superficial so I can know more of myself and understand my footprints. For giving me my sweet little girl and my loving husband so I will know that despite there are life's struggles, love is abundant and can actually move a mountain.

Cheers to 34th. Smile. :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

What Is Financial Freedom?

It looks like that my shift mates and I are going to have a smooth evening. Mukhang nakikisama ang workload sa pagdating ni Pope Francis dito sa Pilipinas. Well,  not the usual night shift when we are bombarded with calls left and right. Streams of emails coming through and issues that needs to prioritize immediately. I am just glad tonight is a little bit slower than most of the nights.

And because of this lessen workload, nakakaantok tuloy. Unlike, when I am busy, hindi ko namamalayan na 4 AM na and 2 hours na lang, uwian na. No snack breaks and what I can only accommodate was a twice washroom breaks.

So I am able to clean up my desktop. And look what I just found, tucked in my notes somewhere in this disk. This is from Ramona Creel as to what is Financial Freedom.

  • Financial independence doesn't mean living in the lap of luxury;it has more to do with liberty from monetary worries
  • Financial freedom means no debt -- no credit card bills, car payment, or mortgage
  • Financial freedom means having a healthy nest egg saved away for emergencies
  • Financial freedom means keeping your expenses below your income
  • Financial freedom means developing a steady habit of saving and investing
  • Financial freedom means being frugal and deliberate about your spending choices
  • Financial freedom means that you don't have to work to pay the bills
I just thought of sharing this as well. Since I came across a blog which contains this but can no longer remember which (Sa dami ng binabasa kong blog everyday, meron at meron akong bagong natututunan) And since  I took notes of important details for me, I was able to save it.

Thinking out loud, just as how many of us really have achieved this financial freedom? Parang suntok sa buwan, right? But then again, we can always start a new beginning. And it starts within ourselves. Our own mind setting. Let's think positive and we attract positivity.

I just started and I am a little bit ashamed. At the age of 33 (turning 34 in a few days) ngayon ko lang napag isip isip ang mga ito. I am late but better late than never.

Welcome to the Philippines, Pope Francis.

Just sharing. Smile. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

An Example of Living Below Their Means

We were at the bank last week as I mentioned in the blog. While we were waiting for the customer service representative to update our time deposit paper, I did not intend to eavesdrop but my attention was caught when a lady nearby raised her voice. She mentioned a cleared cheque and was requesting a bank draft. The manager kindly apologized that they do not issue a bank draft. And I do not know what a bank draft is. Hahaha.

Investopedia states that bank draft is a type of check where the payment is guaranteed to be available by issuing bank. I will try to learn more about this in the future and it's usage.

I then simply looked at her side. There I was stunned a bit seeing that 3 ladies were actually assisting this fine lady including the bank manager. And I got a glimpsed of her phone on the table. You will never guess what her phone was. Iphone? Samsung Note 4? HTC? A BIG No.

Years back I went to a bank branch to pay my credit card bills. The branch actually has so many customers that on a daily banking hours, the line is long and I have to wait much longer which give me enough time to observe people coming in, going to the teller and coming out. There were those wearing fancy clothes going directly to the officers behind the tellers and coming out in a shorter span of time. Talk about priority queue/lane.

But what actually inspired was the not-so-old fat lady in her muddy slippers, messy loosely tied hair, and wore a dress covered with some dirt. On her side a child in his muddy slippers as well licking a lollipop. She carried a medium sized black sling bag. She waited just like me but it turn out that her queue number was just before me. From the look of it, she maybe a seller at the wet market which happen to be just in front of the branch.

She went to the teller when her number was called. I looked at them intently. And before I could actually tap my fingers on my chair in impatience, she drew out a bunch of paper bills from her bag along with a passbook and the deposit slip. Bunch. As in. Bunch of bills in 20s, 50s, 100s, and 500s. So she was actually depositing their hard earned money.

I was humbled by the experience. Realization sinks on me that actually there are those privilege people who are living extraordinary below their means. Those who actually knows their priority. And I salute them for being able to.

The not-so-old fat lady maybe storing their income in a savings for safekeeping and I will never get the chance to know if they are also diversifying those through an investment. But what it taught me is that they can buy a little luxury for themselves however they chose a different way. They could have worn a fancy dress but had chosen to be as they were. Well come to think of it, maybe it also to keep them away from any unforeseen situation such as hold ups since they are carrying big money. They maybe saving for something in the future which I do not have at that time.

Because there I was. Paying those sky high credit card bills. And just started to learn the most difficult way out of debts.

And the lady at the bank last week, she was carrying a bar type, black and yellow phone.

Just sharing. Smile. :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Financial Goals 2015

Back in November 2014, I have put into draft our financial goals for this year. With only few details scribbled in my notebook of how and when to accomplish those. They say that the best way to know that something has materialized is by having the black and white of it. I have known about this since then. But never have found the significance until last year.

I remember when I was in my first ever company, management used to request from us the production improvement plans for the year and I just let it slipped a lot. Mainly, I do not see it's importance. I do not see the relevance. Until I read blogs, forums, and books showing how useful it is in determining the percentage of accomplishments at some point in time. And yes, a goal not knowing the progress will continue to be a goal with nth time frame. And a dream will always just be a wishful thinking with no actions and endless time settings.

Of course, we do not want to look back in our lives regretting things that we should have done this by age 20, done that by age 32, made this by age 35 and so on.  Unfortunately, I belong to that, with no written and concrete plans, and just dreams of becoming wealthy someday (yes, someday, very vague), I think it contributed that I have not accomplished so much in my 10 years of working. During my first ever interview, I was asked of how I see myself in the next 5 years. I never thought that, that simple question can be of great essence until I got the chance to interview someone last month. And in myself, it was just not about the work that I should answer the question but, I should be able to answer it as well in terms of my personal life.

Last year was an eye opener for me. And a life changing year for a 33 year old me. Having a baby in 2013 has helped change my way of thinking. Given me another thought to considerably think of what and where am I in the next few years and what will happen if I am gone too early.

This year, our financial goals are the following and hoping to update this semi annual.
  • Open BPI UITF (Philippines Index high dividend equity fund or Philippine Stock Index Fund(?)) - This quarter - Around February maybe once we received the income from the ride on traditional business. (We have initially inquired about these products last year but could hardly grasp the idea then mainly because we do not have the basic idea what is UITF. After learning few tidbits, we have decided to get one.) We will only add a few amount. Open a joint account. Inquire about the product and decide which.

  • Open SB UITF (SB Peso Equity Fund) - Around 2nd quarter - We were contemplating for this since we actually have not yet inquired the services of Security Bank. But if it turns out to be good, then maybe we can save for the minimum 10,000 peso start up SB UITF.

  • Complete the 52 week Challenge (20 increment in reverse though) - Not a joint account. It is only me who completed last year's challenge in reverse. Originally, it was intended for emergency fund, but by 2nd half of the year, I have decided that the money will be for our couple travel fund as a gift to ourselves on our 2nd anniversary. We will see if the money will actually go to that fund by April as we are undecided at the moment whether to go or not.

  • Continue to build 12 month emergency fund (200k) - To date, 77.88% accomplished. 48.79% is currently in our joint time deposits. The rest in our auto-save up.

  • Start a new Business (?) or Maybe find another source of income - We do not have any particulars for this. No concept yet.

  • Top Up EIP - Around 3rd quarter. Initially, we have placed 20k last October and the contribution is only 1k per month cost averaging. That amount will cover 20 months but we have to ensure that the maintaining balance of the saving accounts is meet so as not to incur any below maintaining balance charges. Hopefully, we can add a small amount for this.

  • Top Up MF - Monthly.  Hopefully, we can add a monthly little amount for this.

  • Open Philequity Fund - Around 4th quarter. I have read good reviews for Philequity but I found a little hassle opening an account since our schedule rarely permits time to process papers. We will see.

  • Continue paying for the 2 VULs - Just I mentioned in my very first blog, we have 2 VULs. So, year 2 of paying.

Looking forward of updating this by June.

Just sharing. :) Smile.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where We At Financially This First Month of the Year?

Here we go. It's the 6th day of the year 2015. How time flies so easily. It goes by unnoticed specially that husband and I are on a night shift schedule. Sleep during the day and widely awake at night when everyone else are tucked up on their beds soundly sleeping. But hey, we are not complaining at all. We are thankful we have jobs to sustain our family needs.

Just earlier today, we added a small amount in our time deposit account and change the maturity period from 30 days to 180 days. Husband told me on the way home that he is happy whenever we add small amounts to our savings. Yes, that's what I feel too. It's fulfilling knowing that no matter how small we earn, we tried our best now to save.

So at this time of the year, where we at exactly in terms of achieving our first one million? They say that the most difficult part is achieving the first million and the next million you can reach it unknowingly. We wanted it to be in cash and in paper assets only.

Husband and I started savings after the wedding. So roughly, the below detail is almost 2 years in the making. The percentage composition is our actual cash and paper assets excluding the 22.51% deficit to date for our first million. Working on the below numbers have been already difficult but seeing it, it is a fulfillment and accomplishment as well. It is a product of really living below the means and applications of frugal tips to the very last centavo.

So, are we near our target? We are focus in achieving the first million before I turn 35 next year. Or should I extend it to next next year again? Hopefully, we will be able to achieve it before I turn 35 because really, at my age, this is very very late.

Just sharing. Smile. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bolinao Trip and What It Taught Me

The road going to and fro seems endless. With sharp curves. Some smooth and rough portions. Other under construction part. Towns with very busy street we can't hardly move from the traffic jam. But despite all of these, and after losing track of time mainly because I was dying of anticipation, we were able to see the most breathtaking ocean I could lay my eyes with. Patar Bolinao. Ok, hahaha, that's not a fair judgement because I have never been to other places for me to compare how beautiful a place is.

I just thought on our way home that no matter how far our dreams may be, and the destination seems no where in sight, we still have to continue our journey. There are a lot of difficulties along the way and we just have to savor the moment kasi paroroon ka at paroroon if we are only determine to go on. Instead of stopping and turning back once a rough road is seen ahead of us, keep up. And yes, there are detour, either a longer way or a shorter one, nonetheless, it is just to show how big our patience to move on further even though we slow down to targeting our goals.

I am a native of Pangasinan but never had the chance to explore it's own beauty. I must have been busy working and trying to uplift our way of living. Hehehe. But the place, I could not really have the words to describe it. Such a paradise.

From the long journey, we settled to a small cottage. Eat some of our baon and got ourselves ready for a little swim. The king sun is at it's peak and sunblock is a must. The water was cold and sobrang mababaw lang. There is a separate part of the waves and the not-so-still water kaya hindi nakakatakot maligo. There are sea weeds na kapag umapak ka brings you to a mababaw na part and those waist deep part where you can actually float and swim just like in a pool. I love the water and having a dip in the water is one of my much awaited long overdue vacation I needed after giving birth last 2013. So I must say it was an option to get out of the water or not when the heat started to prick my skin. I decided to go back at the cottage then, kumain ulit, and apply another sunblock. We stayed for merely 4 hours including lunch time. And headed home by 2 pm. And my share for this trip? 300 pesos.

Along the way home, thoughts came rushing my mind. At sa akin lang ha. I thought, had I chosen to stay in the water, I could have been sunburnt. At dahil morena na ako,baka paguwi ko, di na ako makilala. Hahaha. No, that's just been part of my thoughts. What came to me, was I made a choice. A decision. Going out, we need budget for gas, food, and accomodation. We keep a separate account for the leisure time. And while spending leisurely, we have the option to stop and save again. Just like the heat pricking our skin while under the sun and enjoying the cool water. Or our choice to get sunburns and crippled or hurts our finances.

Mostly, as I watched the kids playing on the brown sands with little red gems, they were more than tan under the scorching heat of the sun. They do not mind though as they keep enjoying the bay, water, and feeling the breezy cool wind. We can let our guard loose and just go with it. But, just like in spending, there is a time to stop. So we won't feel the burning sensation afterwards. The credit card bills and the empty passbook or atm.

We have to recharge, go back in the cottage, eat and apply another sunblock. We do not have to drain our energy. We have to leave something for ourselves after the fun. And should keep in mind that though nothing substitutes experience, we should be mindful with our expenses and its consequences after that. We do not want to cry and feel the regret right? And just wanted to treasure the wonderful feeling.

Smile. :) Let's start the year right.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Children's Christmas Party 2014 : The Giving

Hello 2015. A wonderful holiday indeed. And I just got the chance to write today. I have mentioned in one of my blog that a children's party was in store for the holiday and that one has kept me a little busy during the holidays. I could say that it was a blast with parents who enjoyed the party as well. Well, i credit it too to those thoughtful and generous donors who shed some prize money for the kids' games and even for the parents.

When I was in elementary I used to organize the christmas party every year until during my 4th year in high school. Yearly, nangangaroling kami (my siblings and cousins) for the christmas decor and the props for the games. We solicited to those working class that time for the prize money. And I asked my parents to shoulder the merienda and food prizes. Mainly because, the children can hardly afford the presents for the exchange gifts, how much more contributing for the merienda and the needs for the party. I remember as the years go by, the children who wanted to join grows in number. And it was a fulfilling feeling, seeing the excitement, fun, anticipation, and joy in their faces.

And I got busy as an employee with no enough holiday vacation the following years after college. And yes, no christmas party afterwards. The kids grew up and have been tied up with all other priorities. Nonetheless, the next generation tried once organizing but never had the chance again for another one. And now that i have my little girl, I just wanted her to experience those feelings. The gift of giving even it is a small one. The feeling of receiving unexpectedly. The thought that someone out there cares and thought of you. The sight of sweet surprise smiles on their faces. And the joy reflected on their eyes.

That day, 29th, with the real cool December breeze, some kids showed up with gifts, others none but that was just fine. The gifts price? It's something to eat and only about 40 pesos. They all enjoyed the party with games following right each one has a declared winner. The prize? A lollipop. Hehehe... And sometimes a 20 peso bill. They dance, sings, and laughs. Merienda was served. Chocolates and candies and even coins were given. Hahaha. Of course, kapag pinapasaboy na ang coins, separate ang big boys and girls sa small little ones. It's a must for safety purposes. Ganun din sa parents. It was a wonderful sight. I can say, next year, isa pa. And we all have Someone to thank above for making the Christmas party possible.

Trivia: The chocolates and candies were from the exchange gifts at the office. Instead of asking something for myself alone, I asked in my wishlist for chocolates and candies instead. The sandwich bread were purchased at a factory price with a bonus of another loaf.

I wish to show pictures but unfortunately I don't have a laptop or a computer. Someday, when the budget permits, i am going to update this blog with pictures.

Cheers to 2015. :) Smile.