Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 Reflections

Today is my last working day for the 2015. Finally, I am going home in a few hours.

Looking back for the whole of my work days for 2015, I am truly grateful. I am thankful I still have this job that provides everything for my little family and extended family. It has been a non-noticeable working days of 2015as the time flies so fast. I still vividly remember coming to work on January this year, hopeful that all my financial plans for this year will eventually be cross out from the list. But again, there are few of them which I need to carry over for the coming year - 2016. I will talk about those financial plans that materialize and some that did not on a separate year end blog.

This year was a little difficult financially than 2014 with our little family living on a single income. Yet, it teaches me so many lessons and I promise myself to strive learning more of the investment basics. I haven't gone that far from the starting line. Though I am proud to say that at least I am now a bit advance from the gun point. Our/My investments is on a steady manner. We/I did adjust to frugal living to sustain our/my little savings. The so called delayed gratification application.

Little business? This is currently the most challenging portion of my life this year. I am currently on the road to balancing life, work, and side lines. Learning the ins and outs of a business. Testing my limits. And learning what I can really give in the entrepreneurship world. The rice business in the province is being manage by my father so I do not exactly know how it runs. But with the online shop, I am the operator/owner/one-woman team. While I am dealing with so many things, from bogus buyers, online scammers, possible posers, courier's delays, supplier issues, legitimacy issues, slow Internet connections, buyer's expectations, and so many other distractions, the almost 2 months in operations have thought me a lot of how to be a businesswoman in the real sense. It is all hard work. And a great deal of patience. I just drafted new house rules from what I have learned to be able to improve my online service and manage the customer's expectations. After all, every successful and failed transactions I have noted one or two things I acquired from it. Innovations. Future forward thinking. Visions. I still have so much to learn.

Friendship goals-wise? I have parted with the so-called 'friends'. I come to understand that maybe, I will come to know some people, learn from them, and then they will eventually go away. I am being careful now to those I share my inner me. It's a lesson I learned the difficult way too. Some people pretend to be in good terms to me. Even gave a generous smile when we meet. But talks about me in social media with their rants. I know, I am not perfect. I also make mistakes. However, what I show to my 'friends' is the real sincere me. Maybe, a lot of times misinterpreted. But this is just me. So there, I am now making sure to stay away from the bullies. And to be very discerning to people's motives. Better than having another heartache.

Relationships? Thank God for uniting my immediate family again. I am thankful that all past differences has been resolved. I know, we will still meet a lot of bumps but I am positive that we become stronger than ever. I prayed so hard for an intact family after I exhausted all my humanly means to communicate with each and everyone and still so distant from unification. It is Him alone can make things turn around and possible when nothing else is left. I just witness His miracle happened to the family. God really answers prayers in His perfect timing.

Signing off for this year.

Enjoy the holidays! :)

God bless us all!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Filled With Gratitude

I am thankful for every seconds of my life. The joy I have for every moment captured of my presence to be just around those I love.

My precious little girl is growing so fast that I wish I am always by her side. Playing. Tickling her. Laughing with her. Watching her favorite cartoon "Home" movie. Walking. Running. Watering the plants. Hiding. Reading her favorite book about princesses. Watching her favorite 2D "Cinderella" movie. Cuddling with her before we sleep. Eating ice cream together. And her favorite porridge (Lugaw). I just love everything about her.

But mama has to work. For her. For our little family. And I guess, at her age, she understand a bit about it. Because when I asked her why mama needs to work, she would reply "Milk" or "Gatas" then followed by "Pa-pers" (diaper - mas sanay siya sa pampers na tawag...hahaha), and then "Pubig" (Tubig - mineral water). Like I often mentioned in my previous posts, every time I have to go back to the city, my heart aches a million times. And I just wish that I do not need to go. I wish that things are different. I have so many things circling my head from the time I step up to the car, close the door, and when the car start moving. I thought, I'll get used to it. Yet, nay.

Most of the times, I feel like I am about to give up my present job. And I have so many reasons to. The work place is far for almost 7 hours one way trip. I have to ride 5 times - tricycle/car, then bus, then MRT, then city bus, and then jeep again. EDSA traffic is horrible. It is exhausting that there are a lot of times, when all I wanted is to lie down and catch up on my much needed sleep/rest.

Today is the 25th of December 2015, 4:08 PM Philippine Standard Time.

I am on coffee break.

Yes, I am working on a legal holiday! Double pay it is. A sacrifice I have to make because I signed the contract more than 7 years ago. It couldn't be as lonely as it should be until I heard the sweet voice of my little girl after midnight, sniffing and about to cry. So I have to hang up before we could both be crying our heart out.

I just asked my husband to take some photos and send it to me via messenger. With tears flowing down continuously on both cheeks, I ran my fingers over her pictures. I terribly miss her. It's Christmas and I am not beside her.  And I thought, 2 more days and I am home. I can give her a hug. Kiss her.

My strong desire to become a stay at home wife enveloped me and prayed hard for it as I drift to sleep at 2:30 AM.

I woke up with a knock on the front door. My little sister came to visit me, coming from her night shift schedule at the hospital where she worked. I was filled with joy seeing her. Finally, an immediate family. We catch up on everything. Chat over breakfast before we headed to the closest mall for some last minute Christmas gifts.

For quiet a few hours, I forgot about my longing to go home straight and see my little girl. It is such a relief to bond with a sister.

We all have so many wishes and hopes in our hearts. Different to each individual. Unique we are. And to each his own.

I know in my heart, He has better plans for us. A better plan than I could master. I have faith for that. All I need to do is make every moment and action in accordance to His will. And for this I am thankful. I am grateful that I have something to look forward to.

Thank you Lord for everything!

Just sharing. Merry Christmas :)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

My December Thoughts

Do you easily gets upset when in the crowd?

Do you hate the traffic?

Do you prefer to be at home on rest days?

Okey, it is actually pertaining to myself. My answer to all 3 is a definite yes. To be honest, doing grocery after payday is the most 'painful' duty for me. Because of the crowd. But because some of my free days fall on these days, I do not have other options than to bear the long queues at the grocery shop.

How about this holiday blues? I am sure, you are all aware that every shopping place around the city is jam packed with people doing their own shopping list. And even if you just stand still in the middle, you will find yourself somewhere at the edge in no time because people will either unintentionally push you there or you go with the tide of people.

December is the busiest month for all these shopping malls, bazaar, and flee markets. This is mainly because most employees will be receiving their bonus.

If you are like me who have not found the time to shop for Christmas gift yet, why not share your talent in cooking or baking? Why not help preparing the noche buena instead? Gift is after all not just something wrapped in a fancy paper. But of us just being here. There.

Visit your loved one in your hometown. Your parents who have been wanting to see you but you are too busy working your way to the corporate world. Visit a friend you have lost touch. Catch up with a family abroad.

Offer food to a beggar you come across the street. Find time to share your blessings to an orphanage. These kids deserves more in life and you can make a difference.

Shop online. Though you have to be patient with the couriers. They are too busy as well. But at least you are only waiting for the item to arrive at your doorstep. Spell convenience.

Or you can just visit and shop at the market. Those street vendors who are trying to earn a decent living and trying to make a good sales for their Christmas. You help them in a form that is both fulfilling and rewarding. 

Stay calm these days. Bring out more of your patience. And enjoy the joy this season brings. Count your blessings. And be a blessing.

Just sharing. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2015

On Christmas Bonus and 13th Month Pay

Have you thought about what are you going to do with your extra money? If not yet, here are few list I could recommend.

1) Pay your debt. First and foremost, before showing off a new gadget to your friends/office mates, pay your outstanding debts. It is a step for lessening your burden when the new year comes. At least, allot an amount so that you can decrease your debt to someone, to your credit card, to your bank loan. Trust me, this is rewarding.

2) Open another account for your emergency fund if you still do not have one. A 500 peso as a start up for your emergency fund will make a difference. The thought that you started something towards financial awareness is already something to be proud of. And then continually automate it for the following months. By the year 2016 ends, you will be richer by 6500 pesos.

3) Invest. 1000 pesos is all you need to start with your investment. Yes. Check out the opportunities offered around you for investment in mutual funds and unit investment trust fund. BDO EIP offers an investment starting at 1000 pesos only. Shop around, compare, and learn all these investments vehicles. Do not be hesitant asking around. If you don't ask, the answer will always be a 'NO'. Stay away from get-rich schemes or any investment 'kuno' promising too good to be true returns in a very short span of time. Remember, that is your own hard earned money. Do not just give it away.

4) Tithe. Allot a portion to your church. Remember, everything you have comes from Him. This is all His. Give thanks. So you will endure another new year of abundance and prosperity.

5) Buy something for yourself. Yes, do not forget yourself. So won't feel neglected. Either by treating yourself for a fine dinner or the dress you have always wanted, this is for you. After all, you worked hard for it the whole year round.

6) Shop with a list on your hand. List all the people you wanted to give a Christmas gift this season. Allot a certain amount for each person or you can buy a general item for everyone such a coin purse and insert a bill or coins on it. Or maybe a printed t-shirt. Or a mug. Make sure that when you shop, you strictly follow your list. No more. Or else, you will end up swiping the plastic card again. You should also note that the item you bought for them will be usable for them. Remember that, it is the thought that counts.

Remind ourselves that the true meaning of Christmas are not just the fancy things around us or the sumptuous meals on our table, but of the birth of Jesus. Our Redeemer.

Share more love and pray.

Have a blessed Yuletide Season. :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I am on face book for the longest time although my timeline is no longer updated with details of those recent happenings in my life. Unlike before, I often share my thoughts on everything and even post pictures of myself. GGSS lang. Hahaha.

Eventually, my face book using is mainly to keep up and catch up with long lost friends. Admittedly, face book covers really a wide network that almost every person in the whole world has an account and can get us connected to anywhere in the planet. Recently, my timeline (wall before) only contains those times which my friends/office mates/family and I tried something new or just eat out that they tagged me on their check-ins or pictures. Or when I share an article that interests me. Or when I share the page I am managing for online selling.

I have nothing against face book or any social media site. There was just a point in my life when I thought of deactivating the account in favor of a more lively, personal communications. I had given myself a time frame to shut it down. The only thing that prevented me to end it sooner and which gives me so much struggles are the contacts I have. To be honest, mahal pa rin kasi ang long distance call kapag ang friend/relative mo eh nasa abroad. Yun lang ang pinag iisipan kung mabuti nun. Until my online selling page was born.

Yes, it open a new door for me and my thoughts about discontinuing my face book account. Because, truth be told, people nowadays are on social media day in and day out. It is hard to imagine that even grade schools are on this platform. But it is a fact.

Now that I am still on face book, there is this feature that brings you back to an old memory way back the day you started posting something on face book. And a few days ago, (before November ends), face book asked me to share a memory which I posted over 5 years ago. The time when a friend of mine and I visited Singapore for the first time.

I relieve the moment I was at Singapore on a 4-day visit. The warmth feeling it enveloped me reminiscing those beautiful, carefree days I was there. I can still vividly remember the touch of the heat of the sun wondering over the zoo, the botanical garden, sentosa, and in the Universal Studio. The drizzling rains while we hopped over the next train, rode a double Decker bus, and cable rides. How we retired to bed at the end of day. A smile on our lips knowing that there were no alarm clocks the following morning. It was indeed a vacation. And I promised myself for another outside the country vacation like this such as in Thailand. And hoped to work in a country like Singapore.

What happened to my hope of working outside the Philippine territory? What happened to the another wishful vacation?

Those 2 did not happened. And as funny as it may sounds, after all that blast from the past, it left me wondering what has changed in 5 years of my life. Surely, I am older by 5 years. I am still in the same company. I just step up a notch in my job description. I got married. I have a 2 year old beautiful girl.  I made friends. I lost friends. My savings is a little over than what were in 2010. I became financially aware individual. And the lists go on.

He has the most perfect plan for me by giving me a wonderful and loving husband and a dear sweet girl. I could not ask for more for having a supportive in laws and family. Truly, if I go back my own time lines, there were things that I hoped for before that did not materialize but I had gotten better. And to this I am forever grateful.

For the next 5 more years? Drafting it with His guidance.

Just Sharing. :)