Saturday, September 1, 2018

Life's Update 09/01/2018

I have been working for almost 10 years now in my present company. The length of years didn't bother me at all nor I have gone tired of it. Unlike in my previous company where towards the end of my 4th year, I was literally dragging myself to go to work in the morning. I remember dreading to wake up each morning because I could almost taste my disdain to work.

The shifting schedule, I think help me get through the years to sustain my drive to work.

To be honest though, this few weeks, have me a little feeling of getting tired. I think, my mind is feeding me to get a rest and spend. Hahaha.

But, this is not yet the time. I have just finished paying the appliances we acquired because we've just move in to a new apartment. Aha! Finally, a solo family life alone in the apartment.

I could say, that it is expensive to have our own. And 4 months in the new apartment is something we wanted to be able to know our own exact bills and other expenses.

There were talks of getting our own house, but were all dismissed. First, we still do not know where exactly to settle. Second, we do not want to have a mortgage of more than 20 years. So, at the moment we continue to save and invest. Third, I know having our own house will save us big time in the future but having a mortgage and at the same time budgeting for the family's expenses is another thing to consider.

Also, with the recent development in our group at work, I am having second thought of continuing my service. Or maybe I'd be out of work sooner than I can think. Whichever comes first which is the reason behind I have fear of getting something this big and then come a time, the house will be foreclose.

Well, I am no longer incline to moving up. That's the truth. I wanted to spend more time doing something I wanted. But the bills are really getting in. Sigh.

We are currently living on a single household income. Though my husband finds time to sell. Also, I have few side income streams but the income is seasonal on these small time businesses.

I have been on a series of online job hunting, too, looking for some stable income online at home. To start my online income streams, this will require me a lot more time for internet to feel my presence. I know it is saturated right now with millions of people around the globe trying to enter the online world.

I know it isn't easy but might as well try my luck.:)

Saturday, August 4, 2018

New Indulgence: Leche Flan

Life is in indeed a journey. As we go through life, we constantly look for ways to fulfill our childhood dreams. This time, let me tell you the dream of my husband. He wanted to take Hotel And Restaurant Management (HRM)before going to college. But due to some circumstance, he took an IT course instead. He landed an IT job before and then entered BPO afterward.

Now that we have a 4-year old and no one is available to take care of her, we decided for him to stay at home. It was a tough decision we made in 2017. The most difficult one that there was not one discussion we won't not argue about it. I think, I mentioned before, I would cry every single day. And at this time, we now knew that that decision was worth every inch of it.

Facing the reality of a single income household is another story. With this set up, I was force to look for ways and means to augment the family's income. At first, my husband was hesitant about the thought of it. Moreover the thought of selling.

Then one day, I just woke up he wanted to do it. I was joyful and supported his plans. So he ventured into selling relyenong bangus (de-boned, flake and stuffed milk fish), boneless bangus (de-boned milk fish and marinated), tapa and longanisa (sausage. He is happy for the sales. But due to the recent bad weather conditions, the supplies were not that good plus the prices also went up. He resulted to experimenting and cooking leche flan (caramel custard) while trying to check other products to sell.

Since I am known online as a seller, they took my post of it as that we are selling the leche flan. We made a few pre-order online. I have learn the fact that although leche flan has always be known as a desert, yet it is not readily available anywhere unless pre - order. These dessert was as simple and easy to prepare.

Preparing and cooking these dessert has become a family bonding for us. We all take part in the preparation. My little girl just love it, especially the dessert itself. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Shopee: A New Online Shopping Market

I have always been asked if I have a shopee account before. Primarily the reason behind was that online customers are looking for either a low shipping fee or a free shipping fee at all.

At first, I decline opening a new one since I already have a carousell account where I sell brand new, hand mades, and preloved items I found at home. But then, some few months ago, I decided to open one.

And that is the birth of my shopee account.  From there, I buy and sell items for my online shop.

I could say my over all experience with shopee is wonderful. Shipping fee is lower, other times it is free. The notification is on time and selling is as smooth as ever. There are times, I do not necessarily have to speak with the customer. Once, the customers place an order line, I booked a pick up with the courier, and wait for the courier rider the following day to pick up the item. Hassle free. Specially, nowadays that online customers prefer Cash On Delivery.

Buying is the same. I just checked the status every now and then to know if my items will be delivered and prepare the cash for payment.

Check out my shop:

By the way, this is my post after so many months in hiatus. :) My hiatus has nothing to do with the time to blog but merely because I do not have an access to Internet. Now that I am finally back, I will be posting regular information on what has kept me busy for the past months. 

This is it for now. :)