Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On Crocheting, Online Shop and the first Quarter of 2017 Finances

I had the most busy first quarter of the year. I have been learning a lot on crocheting and have been starting and finishing most projects I wanted to make. Anyhow, I wish I am more faster in crocheting itself than hoarding yarns and collecting patterns for future use. But, geez, I am really enjoying this hobby.
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I did refurbish some old clothes so my little girl can use it. These clothes no longer fits the bigger me. Like, really, it's really difficult to lose my weight right now. But I am steady at my current weight of 53kg. And no, I don't buy new clothes for me. Some of my clothes still fits and there were some gifts from relatives which just needed adjustments.

@sophidclothing on IG

@sophidclothing on IG

Also, I started a corner to corner crochet of a bear. Pattern was from Repeat Crafter Me. Also, I made the messy bun hat for my cousin in law and nieces who visited the Philippines this month. It's my first time seeing them so I just wish that it fits them. Pattern also from Repeat Crafter Me. I am a fan of Sarah's works.
Not yet finish c2c. Yes, been doing projects in between. :)

All these were made from a local hand dyed cotton yarns of Buffy Sibayan (Find her on facebook @looneylooms). You know what, I have been lurking for the longest time from all these local yarn winders and hand dyers and I am prettily satisfied with the softness of the cotton yarns. I am really in love with cottons. The tropical weather in the Philippines really do not match the use of acrylic yarns. Thus, since I make wearables for my daughter and gifts for friends, I opted for the cotton threads and yarns.

Cellphone pouch I made with zipper and flap

I still have some work in progress such as a  poncho, a virus shawl and a circular vest. Hopes that I can post it as well, no matter how bad I am in photography. Teehee. And though not all are perfect yet, I still love it.

Like I said I am busy too with the online shop. It's going to be summer in a few days here and people are going to beaches or having vacations. They needed all these stuffs for summer getaways. So yea, orders are coming up fast for swim wears. Please follow our instagram account @sophiadclothing for all this cool, wonderful, and affordable swim wears and accessories. And more on our facebook page @sophiadfashion.(shameless plug... hehehe)

I couldn't be more happier to announce as well, that we are no longer living on a single salary. Yes, the husband found a higher paying job. Yey!

Now, what I am trying to accomplish is living on my half a month salary. Yes! I wanted to be discipline enough to save/invest the other half of the month salary. I hope I can make it. I have been studying this for months and since the husband was in between jobs before, that was not possible. But I hope, this time, it will materialize.

So this is all I have at the moment. Enjoy your Wednesday, lovelies! :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Finally a Life's Update

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It has been such a long time, I think. I was on a graveyard shift since the start of the year and finally, today is a breather. Today starts my morning shift. Hurray for a good night sleep and corrected body clock. I was having a difficult time nowadays adjusting to night shifts. Unlike in my late 20s. It seems like that age is really catching up with me. Hay.

Anyway, I was revisiting my notes the past year and found a couple of pages left incomplete. It was a thought of the things I learned in my 35 years of existence. But sadly, never get to complete the list and never made its way here. Now that I am 36, (yes, over a year ago thoughts), I decided to write it down here since this blog now covers a little about my life's events.

Note: These were random thoughts and realization.

1. Not all who smiles at you, are your friend.
2. Even though, I do not wanted to compete, 'they' compete with me.
3. Some people claimed to be a friend, but talk behind you and spread malicious false rumors about you. (Sad fact!)
4. Knowing my self, my own worth, keeps me survive the phases of life.
5. I do not have the riches of the world, but I love everything that I have.
6. If people do not want me in their lives, I'm okay with that. Just don't fake it.
7. I am traveling the less traveled road and do not want to bring burden to others who do not want to go.
8. I am complicated, complex, and I am glad a few handful people stick with me.
9. I have this as one of my dream - to be able to share blessings to those in need.
10. I am thankful to a few people who cares to me truly.
11. I cannot please everyone.
12. Some people show up in my life for lessons and eventually has to leave.
13. Some things are difficult, but with God's grace nothing is impossible.
14. I am human, I make mistakes, I rebound from disappointments, I am resilient to life's challenges.
15. Love is a verb.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Where We At Financially? ~ 2017 Update

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Here we go. Where we at right now, financially? To be very honest, we haven't beefed up that much for the year 2016 even though, my sidelines are left and right.

We only have achieved 28.49% added to our next goal of 2nd M. Too slow of a progress. But I am very proud of it. Dugo at pawis yan para lang merong kaonting maidagdag. It was really a rough year.

And I don't have any excuses on what has happened. Because it was what it was. I don't have anything new in 2016 since we were trying to settle for less on only one income.

Even my tablet which is always dying on me, I ask it to stay alive a little longer for the online shop. I haven't saved up yet for a new one. I hope I can save up for a new one this year before it totally retires. 😁

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No matter how difficult the times are, God will provide. I am always reminded of that. Because when I thought I can't make the ends meet, I am presented with ideas. All I have to do is be very diligent, use any talent I have, and be grateful for what I have.

But I am just a human, sometimes, exhaustion hits me. And then I stop to reflect. Eventually, I am missing the life of it. And I am back again. It's the balance I need so I can be whole again and dance the tides of life.

I am hopeful and positive that this 2017 is a smoother year when it comes to finances now that, we are a little bit stable with our spending as well as budgeting a single income.

Cheers! :)