Saturday, November 28, 2015

On Blogging

I love reading blogs of other people and I keep on wondering how they actually sustain their blog entries for more than a couple of years. It was like, how come they have so much things to write and be able to keep their readers intact and even grow? While for me, it seems like I already wrote everything I know of how I am going to reach the much coveted financial freedom.

Hm. A few days, I became curious about Yaya Dub's blog and went on to read a few of her entries. And I am actually super impressed that she's actually just 20 years and can write so well. And even can write a short excerpt of a novel. Ang galing talaga!

Ever wondering why I look up for her blog? Well, a few weeks ago, while we were on a van with my little girl, she blurted out "Aldub" and pointed her finger to the car stereo. I was like a little bit of confused and turn my eyes to my husband who confirmed that it was actually the theme song from the "Aldub Kalyeserye" that was playing on the background. Hahaha. (Mas me alam pa ang 2 year old ko kesa sa akin.) And then I just saw my 2 year old danced with the upbeat song.

So, out of curiosity, I mentioned this instance to my office mate who confirmed that "super like nga ng masa si Maine".  And even added more details of her. What caught my attention was that Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza is actually in blogosphere.

True enough. When I look up for her blog. There it is. http://mainemendoza.com/

Unfortunately, it is not accessible at this time due to bandwidth limitation of the site owner which she actually mentioned beforehand, that she is about to reach her consumption of the data storage for her blog. Luckily, I was able to read few of her entries before this happened and I got a glimpse of her writing prowess. Wow, she is really a talented young woman.

Her blog inspired me to write just anything under the sun so long as I am not hurting anyone in any of my post. It's as if that after so many hesitations before, finally, I can give this blogging more about myself and my thoughts. Of course, what I am talking about are those beyond the scope of personal finance on which why this blog was originally born. So, if I added more topics on this blog, maybe I can sustain this blog for more years. Because admittedly, I am not keen in writing technical stuff of personal finance.

I am amazed on her writing prowess. I am inspired from where her writings are coming from. And in some instances, I feel her. Especially, those times when she distanced herself from her friends. Because I am like that. It is just that I am often misinterpreted and in the long run losses friends. Or maybe I am not actually a good friend. (Hehehe, hindi ko alam) At least, now I know I am not the only one who feels like that. (wink)

Now, when I look at her billboards in EDSA, I now know that she deserves everything she has right now. Because there is more to her than what we can see on national tv. A real fresh face in the industry who is not afraid to wrinkle her face because deep down her she knows she is a beautiful girl. Way to go, Maine.

And congrats to your achievements. (As if naman, mababasa pa niya ito, hehehe)

Hashtag fanmode. Hastag pagbigyan nyo na ako. It's Saturday and I am about to go home.

Happy weekend. God Bless! :)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Jus Wanted To Write This

From the very first day I started to publish this blog site up until this very moment, I know some of my perspective has changed. It is inevitable. And I know I have shifted in one or another topics beyond personal finance. Maybe one of the reason is my actual personality.

I fail.
I moved on.
I fail again.
Get up.
Moved on again.
Back again.
Get on.

Just like a normal other person, I think. It just that it's easily manifested with how I write. So basically for a few people who has been following my entries, you already know who I really am.

The way I think.
The way I act.
The way I react. 

Predictable right? Yes! A definite yes. Because this is just me. But when I embarked with my journey to financial freedom, I become obsess with the idea of it. I become more incline to learn more. I become more aggressive with slashing my goals - our financial goals as a family. Every day of my life, I start it with looking at the progress of my journey. How little I/We move, I rejoice. And I thank God all the time. It is a private victory I come to recognize.

There are quite days. There are disappointments. There are wonders. And yes, the struggles are real. But I am thankful for everything. I know there are more to come. I just need to focus more. Stay on track. And remind myself over and over again of my purpose.

I have big dreams. For myself. For my little girl. For our family. For my parents and siblings. For my in laws. For my community. For everyone. But I have to start with myself. And this is my start. This is where I am right now. And they are the future I am envisioning.

It has been almost 2 years, and I just only made a little difference. But I am glad I did. If not, I will still be the same employee struggling to make it to the next payday. Insurance has given me a little peace of mind knowing that if He decided to take me too soon, I will not left my little girl with nothing. The journey has opened so many doors for us. Such as finally dipping our toes in UITF, MF, stocks trading, farming, corporate bonds, treasury bonds, and cooperatives.

In all honesty, there are so many vehicles out there to grow your money. We just need to have our due diligence to distinguish something/someone who can be trusted and move away from something/someone who will vanish our hard earned money. Key there is to really study and learn. And not just go with the tide.

So let us keep on learning. God Bless. :)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Life's Update 11/26/2015

Alright, it has been days since I wrote something for this blog. To be honest, I am trying to learn how to write effectively. I know, I suck a lot on writing, no matter how I love expressing my thoughts, still the words just don't go out naturally. Smoothly.

I admire those who writes well. I basically love reading. And one thing or another, I take note of how writers used a word or two, even how they construct sentences for easy comprehension.

It's a continuous learning process, I guess, until I get the hang of it. For the meantime, let me just share how things are going on right now for me. (Ahahaha, about myself pala)

So far, I am busy studying how to write well, managing my online shop (I'll blog how I started and how it is going in the future), tracking my status on personal finance, studying how to be better in our finances as a family, experimenting on how to get by living on a single income and drafting our financial goals for 2016. These are of course, aside from me being a mom, a daughter, a wife, a sibling, a friend and so many other hats I have to wear.

The one that gets most of my time at the apartment is managing the online shop. But that is way good and better because I am enjoying every inch of it. Knowing how introvert I am and I am meeting people beyond my networks of friends is another me out of my comfort zone. Honestly, online shop is a hard work too. But like I said, I'll blog about it in the future.

It's been 5 months since my husband is out of work, and literally, we are so much on a very tight budget. Our savings/investments continuous to increase but on a slow pace. I think we are still doing good despite the fact that we are moving like a turtle. Now I understand that this is one phase of a married life we have to face strong. Everything just needs to be communicated.

And yes, November is about to end, and I can literally feel the cool breeze at night when I get out of the office, walking my way to our apartment, yet I haven't wrapped any Christmas presents for my family and friends. Truth be told that I do not have enough budget set aside for the gifts. So, I am considering of giving only to my immediate family and closest friends. And maybe, to hold another children Christmas Party in the province. Just like the one last year as a form of giving back to the society.

We are all blessed in one way or another and I am thankful for everything that we are going through right now. I have a full time job. I have an online shop. I have a roof above me. I have clothes to wear. I have food on my table. I have family backing me up. I have my husband. I have my little girl. And so many more to be thankful about.Things are a bit rough but I know He is preparing something better for us in the future. It teaches me lessons in my personal life and my married life. I just have to be patient dealing with things right now. Someday, I am going to read again this entry and wonder what brought me to write this things. (Totally unrelated to any finance entry). I can do this.

Anyway, happy Thursday payday! God Bless. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

October - Spending Less and Less

October is the birthday month of my husband. As a little celebration, we opt to eat out with my in laws. It wasn't that grand. What was more important was that we are together to celebrate his natal day. 

I haven't spend anything on other things too. It went more to the basic needs of our little girl like her milk, diaper and water. A chunk of my income went to the  quarterly SSS contribution of my husband and my father. Only a little portion of my salary went to our UITF. Okey na rin kesa walang kahit na konti sa salary ko ang mapunta sa investments.

Nonetheless, of all this little financial difficulties, I am grateful looking at the numbers of our goals. Kahit papano ay napagkakasya namin ang salary ko and me konting natatabi. Thank God for all the help.

When the husband completed all his plan transactions in the Metro, we decided that he stays in the province for the meantime while we are waiting for the approval of his papers. So I have been living alone in our little room for a couple of months now.

At nakakatipid na rin ako being solo at the moment. I cook my meals which is good for the day. Kasama na ang baon ko. Yung niluluto ko, mostly yung ingredients dala ko from the province pa. Proceeds ng little backyard garden. I walked pagkauwian na kahit mainit. Sayang din ang 7.50 pesos.

I read and learned during my free time. Anything that interest me. Until, I decided to put up the online shop with little capital. At least, I was busy promoting my website and page for the last two weeks of the month. So, it gave me something to work on during my free time na andito ako sa metro. When I am at home at kasama ko ang family, I spend a little time with the shop. But I try my best to answer inquiries the soonest time. Yun lang, my priority is to spend more time with my little girl who is growing so fast. And I am grateful to all buyers who trust my shop.

Just sharing. God Bless. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Security Bank Transaction - At Last!

This blog entry was actually long overdue and I have to re write every corner of its contents since nothing in the original content are currently applicable. The original title also included the abbreviation UITF, however as the leaf of the month peels off, few changes were made from the initial financial plan. UITF was then dropped off. For the meantime.

While I was on a blogosphere hiatus last September and  have been most of the time reading financial sites and forums, I came across the Security Bank's offer for the DMCI Home Bonds. So, I went to do a further research on what is DMCI Homes, it's history and who are the persons behind this corporation. That is aside from the information provided on the Security Bank page.Of course, everything is in the Prospectus, including lawsuits and any other involvements.
The Prospectus also includes the Bond Offer.
When the time permits a few weeks ago, husband and I decided to visit the Security Bank nearest our place. Upon mentioned of the DMCI, the customer service representative provided additional information to us. Such that this is a tranche investments for as low as P5000 per month and multiples thereof for 3 years up to 5 years, depending on our choice. As well as there is a lump sum amount of P180,000 for 3 years.
The bank representative told us that the start will be on November 16, 2015. And the offering is open from September 28, 2015 at 9AM until November 5, 2015 at 5PM.

For us, it will be like saving for the next five years with the purpose of using it as a down payment for a house and lot or a condominium. And the purpose may change as time goes by. For now, we are parking 5000 pesos per month with fixed rate of 5% accrued annually, non-compounding, and expecting a credit bonus at the time of maturity.
Think Positive. God Bless. :)