Monday, December 26, 2016

A Merry Christmas!

Today is the 25th of December 2015, 4:08 PM Philippine Standard Time.

I am in the office.

Yes, I am working on a legal holiday! Double pay it is. A sacrifice I have to make because I signed the contract for this more than 7 years ago. It couldn't be as lonely as it should be until I heard the voice of my little girl early this midnight, sniffing and about to cry. So I have to hang up the phone before we could both be crying our heart out.

I just asked my husband to take some photos and send it to me via messenger. With tears still flowing down continuously on both cheeks, I ran my fingers over her pictures. I terribly miss her. It's Christmas and I am not beside here.  And I thought, 2 more days and I am home. I can give her a hug. Kiss her.

My strong desire to become a stay at home wife enveloped me and prayed hard for it as I drift to sleep at 2:30 AM.

I woke up with a knock on the front door. My little sister came to visit me earlier today, coming from her night shift schedule at the hospital where she worked. I was filled with joy seeing her. Finally, an immediate family. We talked a lot on everything. Catch up. Chat over breakfast before we headed to the mall for some last minute Christmas gifts.

For quiet a few hours, I forgot about my longing to come straight to the province to see my little girl. It is such a relief to bond with a sister.

We all have so many wishes and hopes in our hearts. Different to each individual. Because we are unique. And to each his own.

Some times, I feel like I am about to give up my present job. And I have so many reasons to. The work place is so far from the province with almost 7 hours one way trip. I have to ride 5 times - tricycle/jeep, then bus, then MRT, then city bus, and then jeep again before I could go to my place of work. EDSA traffic is horrible. It is exhausting that there are a lot of times, when all I wanted is to have at least a day for myself alone, catching up my much needed sleep.

But everything over weighs my desire to provide a good future for my little girl. I know. If I stop at this early stage, then, some day, I will go back to those times when I can no longer undone the decisions I made and had already lost my opportunity to change our current life style to a financially free life.  We as a family is just starting out.

And that I should be more grateful that I still have a job that provides food on our table.

I pray for His guidance and the strength to keep us going. I know He will bless us. Everyone of us.

Merry Christmas! :)

Date wrong? Nope, you have read it right. This post has been sitting in my drafts for over a year already. But already thought of forgetting it altogether.

Nonetheless, I'd like to post it. This year's Christmas is way different from my crying moments last year. I am with her. My precious little girl. She's with us as well as my in-laws.

We have a little 2 nights staycation in the city to celebrate the Christmas. And all because I have work yesterday - 25th.   I guess this is the commitment I have made when I signed the contract 8 years ago. Few days before Christmas, I was asked by a colleague - Am I ready to retire in 2 years time?

My answer, truthfully, I still do not know. But, we are still building our future. And we are no nearer halfway to the construction. So maybe in a year or 2, I can't definitely say it yet.

One thing is for sure, I am happy and truly thankful for giving me the opportunity to spend my Christmas with her. Such a blessings being with family on Christmas eve.

Happy Holidays! :)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Time Management - My Own Version

"We all have 24 hours a day. And it is up to us how to manage it to be able to make use of it productively and efficiently. Honestly, there are a lot of times when I feel lazy, with just lying in bed and daydreaming. Some times I am glued with the ipad playing games such as the never ending saga of candy crush, blitz, and soda crush. There are times, I am super engrossed with the book I am reading or watching movies."

Those were the exact words on my draft for a long period of time. And while I was checking for more drafts in the list, it brought me to start writing. I am feeling a little bit off today and I just do not know the reason why. I called everyone and ask how are they. But I still feel the same way. I stop and pray and finally has an urge to open this blog. It has been such a long time or so I thought.

Anyway, the words above no longer reflects of who I am today. I no longer play games in Ipad nor watch movies on my free time. I am able to watch movies during a long trip going back and fort to the province. More than that, my time is devoted to some other things like the online shop or crocheting. Of course, aside from mama duties and the likes.
New Crocheted Hair Clips

Headband with crocheted little stars

It has become a part of me to make myself feel accomplished every single day. I have even thought that I need more hours than just 24 hours a day because I felt like I have so many things to do. But in reality, all I need is time management. And delegation.

I still have so many things to learn when it comes to managing my time. But right now, writing down those to-dos help a lot survived the daily work and life balance. And dropping everything aside for my little girl or for my family.

At one point in my life, I thought that working and earning for a living is something as important as everything but a few months ago, my realization kicks in. Yes, I have to earn for my little girl, my family, and my extended family but I do not need to deprive them my time for a quality bonding together. Nothing beats the feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment when I hear my little girl's laughter and she's having a good time with me, no matter how deadbeat tired I am.

It goes to show I am just a human being and my body needs enough rest to become a fully productive individual. When I am not fully rested, every unwelcome turn of events frustrates me. And it really affects my relationship with everyone around. Never mind having no set of regular Wednesday friends. I have come to accept that a long time ago. But for my current co-workers to see my exasperation and for my husband to bear my foul mood all day, that's a different thing.

Good thing, I am now learning to delegate some task of the online shop to my husband. Also, I was able to find some people who are willing to sell my online shop stuffs. It has unloaded some of those works that I should be doing each day.

Okay, please do not mind my hobby right now - crocheting. Because it is really a stress buster for me. I get a chance to show a little bit of my creativity even though it consumes so much time. Nonetheless, I am a little faster crocheter these days than when I started. Only that, I schedule my time for crocheting for only thrice a week with at least 2 hours. So that makes me a slow as snail when it comes to project completion. Still, I am proud of myself to what I have accomplished today compared to the person who started writing that topmost paragraph.

It's good I get to see a glimpse of what I am yesterday through this post. Because, honestly, I don't have a regular journal entry.

Note: I didn't change the subject line from the draft even though the thought is no longer there. ;)

Just sharing. :)

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Financial Thoughts and Weighing - Individual's Own Responsibility

I joined so many groups in Facebook and in one group for mommies, someone popped up the question on what is the best savings account for her children's educational fund in the future.  And it poked the interest of many mothers like me. Naturally, I read every suggestions on the comments. Suggestions such as banks which offers kiddie accounts with as low as P100 minimum opening account. To banks which offers kiddie savings account with free insurance.

Some others recommended that instead of savings account is to get a Variable Unit Linked or open a mutual fund or a unit investment trust fund.

Weighing on the comments, I bolted my personal opinion on the matter. I mentioned that if it is for future educational fund in about 5 to 10 years in foresight, I recommended for UITF or Mutual Fund on moderate to aggressive types. That is if you are not into stocks trading yet. But (yes there is a but) which I added into my comment. First one has to have an emergency fund set aside and all bad debts were already paid before dipping both toes to investment.

A VUL representative came in to picture and try hard to sell her VUL product that on every comment she would see to it that she inserted her view of how a VUL could help. I know it is helpful and how important an insurance is. I am a policy holder too.

A mommy asked about the emergency fund. Told her that it should be the money set aside in a savings account or a portion keep at home that should be use in case you lost your job, or if someone got sick. It could be 3 months worth of expenses or more. She asked me how to compute. I said if your monthly expenses is 10,000, then 3 months worth is 30,000. And she grasp telling me that it is impossible. And turn herself to the VUL representative asking how VUL works and if she can get the money just in case she needed.

In my mind I asked what will happen to that policy if after a year the holder will have to stop paying because the holder no longer is capable to pay even the premium? Yes, there is a phase. Not that the policy will lapse immediately because of course there should be at least a very little fund value. Given the lead-time before it will lapse and after which the holder could not still pay the premium, the policy will meet its end. If in few months time, the policy holder now has enough money to pay, the next question is then how much will it cause you to pay the reinstatement? Is it wise to reinstate it or get a new one? Can you now sustain the new policy?

Financial advisers, please correct me if my understanding is incorrect.

The truth is SOME so-called financial advisers will really hard sell their VUL products without actually understanding the situation of the clients. So be careful with this. I know TIME is an element in order to build wealth. But things should be done in order. Otherwise, if no emergency fund and you are still in hole of bad debts and decided to get ANY investment, you might likely withdraw the funds prematurely. Think about what it will cause you having to get the money before it even earns.

I am in total disappointment with the representative's response, because we all know that on the first years of our policy, the fund value is relatively so small. And no, I do not generalize all financial advisers. I just wish every each of them should be financially responsible to their clients. Common mistakes is that we go with the tide and lazy enough to study the things that could benefit us. And that, we are to consumed with an overwhelm feeling of having an investment, only to withdraw prematurely because we do not have emergency funds. Or 'selling' immediately because we have high paper loss when in the first place we did not even study what we are getting into.

Some random reality check on my part. By the way, this draft was sitting too long in my list and I could no longer remember what put this on hold for such a long time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Last Quarter of 2016 Life's Update

As some may have notice (feeling lang, hehehe), I haven't had any entry for the past months. I have my attention diverted to some other things in life that has gotten most of my precious time. And as I could summarize my life this 2016 - I am a dream catcher!


Because I began filling my life with my childhood dreams. I think, for me - it's actually a smart move because I began to see myself catching more of my dreams in the very near future. And I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to fulfill all these and for some more.

During my high school days, I have written short stories (yes, madaming short stories yun) which was purely rooted from imagination and at this time of writing, some pages were now missing when my parents house was renovated last year. Although, I am not very good with story telling, I wish to hone my skills with writing again. And the first draft I wrote this year with the target of 3 stories has been done in a hasty mode since I just write in the office during break time. I hope to write one again with enough time to proofread before publishing. *fingers crossed*

I started to crochet. Yey. I never imagined that I can make something out of crochet. This craft was never thought in our elementary and high school's economics subjects. What were thought were cooking (which I never learned anyway), cross stitching, and embroidery. I followed steps in Youtube as a starter back in April and gradually learned to read patterns. It's an amazing journey of learning something new. Now, I can make hair clips, head band's designs, coin purses, pencil cases, clutches, shrugs, and beanies. Although it requires a lot of time and patience to complete one project, it is rewarding and fulfilling as well when a project is completed. And yes, I sell finished crochet products too.See my samples below. ♥♥♥


Hair Clips


A Rose

Little Stars for Headband

Barret Hair Clips

The online shop is doing well. But the courier services are driving me nuts lately. It's just early December and they are always delayed with so many excuses in delivery. So, I have temporarily closed the shop this first week of December to avoid the stress and hassles of all these.

It wasn't a smooth first year for the online shop but I believe on it and its earnings is not bad at all. Selling dry goods is still a good way to earn a decent income with the money already visible in your hands.

So, I did a quick review the other day with our finances and we are no nearer to our target of our next million. The progress is a little slow this year. And hoping that the following year is much more better than this year when it comes to our income. So many things had happened which I cannot divulge in this blog. But a slow progress is better than nothing at all. I am still  the same frugal person of 2015 or maybe much better because it is now ingrained in my system. I still practice the same tips and I hope to continue going forward.

Yan lang. Hehehe. Not much right? Just sharing. God Bless Us all! :)