Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On Hold

Here comes the 'ber' months, and has been almost 3 months since we are living on a single salary. Right now, we are on a very tight budget with fitting everything on a single salary in order not to touch yet the emergency fund we continuously tries to fill in as well.
Honestly, since then, only a small portion of our income is going to savings and investments. However, I am even more grateful for this situation as this is another instrument testing us to properly determine the needs and wants of the family, giving in or up on an indulgence, and the discipline to say 'no' for a few invites and borrowers.
I have set aside for the meantime my plans to open up the Security Bank UITF as well as the Philequity fund. 'On Hold' is what I labeled the two. Initially, I was a little frustrated knowing that my 2015 plans will all not be completed in comparison with the 2014 financial goals wherein I was able to accomplish at the beginning of fourth quarter.
When I thought of a hanging list of tasks for the past weeks, and of being in denial for the first couple of weeks, it gets into me a lot. I then, diverted my attention to a lot of reading trying to calm myself and breath. Hehehe.
Finally, I come to accept the fact that I may not be able to slash out most of my 2015 financial goals at the end of this year, still I made a step forward and progress further from last year. And that's all that matters at this moment. 
I guess, these unforeseen events are what exactly the reason for having the other 25 letters of the alphabet, right? It presented itself in front of me. All I have to do is breath, think, and device new ways to meet these dreams.
And so I continue to read more about personal finance as well as couple finance. When I thought of I know almost a lot of the contents of a finance article, at one point or another, I still am able to find new tips and ideas from each and tries to apply and execute it in dealing with our finances. It is a continuous learning for us. Other than that, since I have always been fascinated to the world history, this is what currently I am spending time about.
Just sharing. God Bless. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

August - Spending Less and Less

My actual schedule made no new difference from the recent weeks since the last time my Sister-In_laws were here for vacation. It has gone a little out of way with me getting sick almost every week. It looks like my immune system has gone weaker since I am on a night shift and that I get a little to no-sleep on the day. Finally, for this month, it has improved a bit with the change to morning shift. Hurray for night sleeps.
Since I am on a graveyard shift for the month of August, the tendency of going out is also lesser. Hehehe. I was on a 10PM to 6AM shift so when it's time to go home, mall is still close. And it is a better alternative to not spending at all. And it proved right to me. Nothing new in my closets.
Dining out was also not an option except for a single date with the husband. Hehehe. We just went out and eat after doing some errands. So, I could guess, that this month was an achievement. Hurray!

With those sleepless days, and with me trying to get an eye shut is of futile effort, I resulted to cleaning our little room instead. I leaned on to sorting things, removing unnecessary items, and giving some items further. I am taking an inspiration with Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book though I haven’t read it yet. I only heard of it. There are many good feedback and testimonies that it did magic to them, I am looking forward to having the book and reading it.

It turned out that there are some pre-pregnancy clothes that I can now wear. I went on washing them again to remove the contained smells of the fabric. I tweaked and added a few twist so it won’t actually look outdated on me. Good thing, I am on track with losing a little pounds to get back on my pre-pregnancy shape. It has been two years since I gave birth but losing weight is taking it’s time as well. Hehehe. I know, with walking as my exercise and looking after a toddler, I could no longer fit in another form of exercise. However, I am looking into it as another goal I have to list and follow through. 

I do hope that the month of September, will be another achievement.

And I believe it can.

Happy weekend. God Bless. :)