Monday, January 4, 2016

Financial Goals 2015 - Update

Before I post my/our financial goals this 2016 (yes, so many pending posts but I'll get on one at a time), I need to give myself an update of what happened to my/our financial goals of 2015.

The holidays literally filled my hands taking care of my little girl, hosting a little children's Christmas party, looking after a new born baby (hello there my cute little niece), a mini reunion on my father's side, entertaining visiting friends, wrapping and giving gifts to godchildren, relatives, friends, and family. Holidays makes me reconnect with the people around me that is why usually on these days, I am on social media hiatus including blogging. And now I am back to blogosphere. :)

Looking back of my post - Financial Goals 2015 at the start of the year, I have to admit that there are items left incomplete. And items that were revised, added, and totally left out for the meantime from the list.
  • Open BPI UITF (Philippines Index high dividend equity fund or Philippine Stock Index Fund(?)) - POSITIVE. Check out my blog about the BPI Philippine High Dividend Equity Fund.
  • Open SB UITF (SB Peso Equity Fund) - NEGATIVE. We opened a joint account however it was for another purpose - for the DMCI Bond. I have this added for the 2016 financial goals but no longer for equity since the purpose has also changed.
  • Complete the 52 week Challenge (20 increment in reverse though) - POSITIVE
  • Continue to build 12 month emergency fund (200k) - INCOMPLETE. To date, only 90.75% accomplished. It took a back seat when we started living on a single income. I/We will definitely continue completing the remaining percentage this 2016.
  • Start a new Business (?) or Maybe find another source of income - POSITIVE. The farm lots we signed up earlier of the year earned us a fair share on the 3rd  quarter. However, we reinvested the income again on another farm lot. And of course, the online shop - Sophia D Clothing.
  • Top Up EIP - POSITIVE. However, instead of one time placement, I regularly visit the BDO branch to add.
  • Top Up MF - POSITIVE. One time placement when I received my bonus.
  • Open Philequity Fund - NEGATIVE. My intention is to open an account for Philequity via COL. Initially, for the convenience and the no additional charges feature when funding the account via BPI transfer. However, I was not able to change my marital status yet with COL, so I ended up delaying it supposed to be for this year. Right today when I opened up my COL account, a notification prompt with the charges being implemented by BPI fund transfer with COL. Now I am having second thoughts. I will have to study further about this.
  • Continue paying for the 2 VULs - POSITIVE.
There. Those were my/our financial goals at the beginning of the year 2015.  And as the year progressed, there were additions made.

  • We have opened a BPI Short Term Fund for diversification.
  • The DMCI Bond as mentioned above.
  • We got a VUL for the husband.
I am positive 2016 is even better in terms of achieving our set goals. I hope for everyone to stay on tract in our journey to becoming financially independent. If not yet on it, we can always make this new year a fresh start. We just have to remember that we do not need another new year to start. Everyday is always a good start. I started this blog November. I started my very first mutual fund on the month of September. My very first RTB on November. My very first UITF on October. So yes, it is never too late as long as we have the drive in fulfilling our dreams.

God bless. :)


  1. Wow, 6 out 9 positive goals, that's a good sign that we've accomplished most of our goals...Happy New Year Sis!!!
    Nakakatuwa kahit maraming problema we are still on the right track with our goals & dreams. Good luck & God bless!!!

    1. Prosperous New Year to you sis. Yes sis, natuwa ako na after revisiting my initial financial goals meron din pala akong na-accomplished kahit papano. On to this year naman. Thank you and God Bless you too. Kaya natin to. :)

  2. I really like reading financial goals! Go for the gold! I hope we can accomplish our financial goals! :)



    1. Hello sis. Thank you for dropping by. And like you interested din ako sa financial goals ng iba. Hehehe. Minsan, nakikicopy ako. Madalas, nagkakaron ako ng idea sa susunod na goal ko. Yun bang tipong hindi ko ma put into words tas kapag nabasa ko, 'ay, yun pala yun' idea. I'm learning a lot sa mga personal finance blogs. Yes we can. :)