Saturday, January 7, 2017

Where We At Financially? ~ 2017 Update

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Here we go. Where we at right now, financially? To be very honest, we haven't beefed up that much for the year 2016 even though, my sidelines are left and right.

We only have achieved 28.49% added to our next goal of 2nd M. Too slow of a progress. But I am very proud of it. Dugo at pawis yan para lang merong kaonting maidagdag. It was really a rough year.

And I don't have any excuses on what has happened. Because it was what it was. I don't have anything new in 2016 since we were trying to settle for less on only one income.

Even my tablet which is always dying on me, I ask it to stay alive a little longer for the online shop. I haven't saved up yet for a new one. I hope I can save up for a new one this year before it totally retires. 😁

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No matter how difficult the times are, God will provide. I am always reminded of that. Because when I thought I can't make the ends meet, I am presented with ideas. All I have to do is be very diligent, use any talent I have, and be grateful for what I have.

But I am just a human, sometimes, exhaustion hits me. And then I stop to reflect. Eventually, I am missing the life of it. And I am back again. It's the balance I need so I can be whole again and dance the tides of life.

I am hopeful and positive that this 2017 is a smoother year when it comes to finances now that, we are a little bit stable with our spending as well as budgeting a single income.

Cheers! :)

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