Saturday, December 2, 2017

Life's Update ~ 12/02/2017

It's December.

Few more days and we are saying goodbye to 2017.  I have neglected this blog for the longest time now. Because I was not able to access blogger due to restrictions. But I have created a new one with wordpress and has continuously updated my journey to personal finance learning, my hobbies, my something-new path, and all other stuffs I've been working on and been busy about.

Right now, we have just invested with Retail Treasury Bill a few days early. It's the latest offering from the government. So, we grabbed it via BPI and Security Bank. If time will permit I will be able to update this blog before the year ends with our current standing to our target of our next M.

We are are currently back to single income household. Yes, money is tight but the good thing is, my 4-year old is now with us and studying at a daycare child development center near us. All right, I am now spending my weekly bus fare to US and been able to save a little more than before. Aside from that, I am now debt free, so I was able to funnel my income and other resources to savings and eventually to investment.

I have so many things I wanted to talk about like crocheting, side hustles, my plans for the coming year and other things. Let me just save those things for other future entry.

I wanted to show you some of my works at the moment.

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